Benefits Of Using A Founders Agent

When selling your home, it’s important to have a compident, knowledable, and professional real estate agent to handle the job. Here are the biggest reasons why you need a Founders Real Estate Group agent to sell your home

  • Unemotional Negotiation

    Our agents can write requests objectively and submit them to buyers which saves you from getting overly emotional about the transaction. Our agents will take the heat in difficult negotiations in a businesslike manner, negotiating all facets of the transaction in your best interest.

  • Tackling The Paperwork

    A real estate transaction involves an extensive amount of paperwork. We can properly prepare the necesary contracts, disclosures, and associated forms that are required for a secure and smooth transaction. The odds of missing something, not initialing a page for failing to check a box, can substantially decrease when youre working with a professional who knows the paperwork in and out.

  • Expert Marketing

    To get the best offer on your home, it will require marketing that stands out from the compeition. Our agents are well trained and versed in all of the latest marketing trends and tactics to get your home seen and visited by more buyers. Presentation is key when selling a home and our agents have some of the best marketing strategies in the nation.

  • Avoid Closing Problems

    Pitfalls can occour in any transaction. It is our #1 job to see that the completion of the transaction is smooth right through to signing the papers. We will also advise as to any contractual changes which might be necesary to keep you in the best position possible.

  • Market & Pricing Expertise

    We will provide all the data on local home sales and deliver in-dept knowledge regarding your sale that comes from years of working in the DFW real estate market.