Chastin is incredibly responsive, tenacious, and thorough real estate agent. We never would have had a chance at getting our terrific new house without him! We admit we were little intimidated by the prospect of buying my first house in the totally crazy real estate market in Dallas/Fort Worth, but  Chastin put us at ease as he broke down the Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance. He knows the market inside and out; and found us a home that is in our comfortable price range. Even though we were approved for 250,000k I wanted to stay way below that price point more so in the 180-199 range. He walked us through what to expect, all documentation that is needed, and was very patient and very responsive when answering all my follow-up questions. One of the great things about Chastin is that he’s creative and he can help identify great opportunities that others might overlook. He has a keen eye to detail and really compassionate about our family wants and needs. Also, he can walk into any home and tell you how easy or hard it would be to change this or update that with any project big or small. The absolute BEST thing about Chastin, though, is that he is super flexible and really goes above and beyond to serve his clients throughout the entire process all the way to the end of closing when you get your keys. We had an error on our disclosure agreement at closing (final charges that were not allocated in the initial agreement) and Chastin was the one who battled and fought for new correct agreement sent over making sure the final numbers are correct before we signed on the dotted line. We are elated to be new homeowners and thank you Chastin for all your hard work and dedication to get us into our new home