Chastin Miles is a great professional. He helped us when we are trying to buy a home and we were living in a hotel room. He was patient and gave us many options besides answering all my questions. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to met Chastin. Chastin has a network of  professional people that work with him to make sure the buyer is happy with everything that involves buying a new home. Thanks again Chastin! 

I will always be grateful for the opportunity

Dorothy was exceptional. Her services went above and beyond my expectations. She worked with me for about a month. At first to find a home, but because our moving from Denver to Dallas was of short notice, we settled for an townhome. She found us the perfect townhome for a family of 5. She truly  helped make this move to Dallas easier.

Truly helped make this move to Dallas easier

Chastin Miles is an excellent real estate agent. He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He will go over and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.

He is very knowledgeable and trustworthy

Chastin is absolutely amazing. Before I found him, I spent almost 2 years feeling I was in an impossible competition against other buyers in my area. My efforts were never good enough, and most of the time I didn’t even have the chance to get my offer in. I decided to give it one last shot before  quitting altogether and switched to Chastin. That is all it took for my experience to turn around. He was always one step ahead, in constant communication with me, and I truly felt I was in good hands. Before working with him I looked at dozens of homes. Once Chastin took over, I looked at 2, and I am now officially a homeowner! If you’re planning to look for a home in this market, I wouldn’t take a chance on anyone but Chastin J Miles! 

He was always one step ahead

Chastin J. Miles and this team were really great marketers for my property. He was always available for me to talk to and answer nay questions or concerns I have . After we signed the listing agreement, they got right to working. My property was under contract within 2 weeks. I appreciate his hard  work on this and definitely recommend him for anyone looking to buy or sell a property. They took professional photos, setup a property website, marketed it heavy on social media, and a lot of other things. I will be using Chastin and his team in the future.

My property was under contract within 2 weeks

Chastin is a close-friend and excellent professional. He goes above and beyond to make your requests are handled. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home in a certain area because he will do his research. He works around the clock and will respond to your communication almost  immediately. I really appreciate his efforts as we had one deal fall through and he was there to make sure the ball kept rolling! Definitely recommend Chastin to new homebuyers and existing homeowners! Thanks Chastin!

Above and beyond to make your requests are handled

Chastin is incredibly responsive, tenacious, and thorough real estate agent. We never would have had a chance at getting our terrific new house without him! We admit we were little intimidated by the prospect of buying my first house in the totally crazy real estate market in Dallas/Fort Worth, but  Chastin put us at ease as he broke down the Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance. He knows the market inside and out; and found us a home that is in our comfortable price range. Even though we were approved for 250,000k I wanted to stay way below that price point more so in the 180-199 range. He walked us through what to expect, all documentation that is needed, and was very patient and very responsive when answering all my follow-up questions. One of the great things about Chastin is that he’s creative and he can help identify great opportunities that others might overlook. He has a keen eye to detail and really compassionate about our family wants and needs. Also, he can walk into any home and tell you how easy or hard it would be to change this or update that with any project big or small. The absolute BEST thing about Chastin, though, is that he is super flexible and really goes above and beyond to serve his clients throughout the entire process all the way to the end of closing when you get your keys. We had an error on our disclosure agreement at closing (final charges that were not allocated in the initial agreement) and Chastin was the one who battled and fought for new correct agreement sent over making sure the final numbers are correct before we signed on the dotted line. We are elated to be new homeowners and thank you Chastin for all your hard work and dedication to get us into our new home

We are elated to be new homeowners

Professional, knowledgeable, very responsive, and goes above and beyond. I had a wonderful experience especially for this being my first home buying experience. I would most definitely use Chastin for any future real estate endeavors.

I had a wonderful experience

Chastin made our home buying experience a breeze. From the first contact, he was prepared, and ready with suggestions. When we went to view homes with him, he had done his homework and was able to answer our questions on the spot, or very quickly thereafter. The communication from Chastin and his office was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised at how well organized and how well informed his entire team was. I would 100% recommend him with no hesitation, and would make him the first call if I wanted to buy again.

I was pleasantly surprised

I had the pleasure of meeting Chastin in early January 2017. I remember asking him very tentatively, “Do you think we can be in our home by February?” and he said, “If you want to be in your home by February, we can absolutely do that”….Two weeks later we were under contract, and on Valentine’s Day  we were closing! What a sweet Valentine! Thank you Chastin for helping us find our first home! 

What a sweet Valentine!

I had been personally looking for an affordable one bedroom apartment in the uptown area for just about two weeks. It became aparent to me that the hunt was harder than expected. I then proceeded to seek assistance from Anthony Carver. In just a couple of days Mr. Carver had emailed me back with a  few different apartment suggestions and asked me if anything suited my needs. Low and behold my dream apartment was in on of the listings he emailed me. He then set up a date for us to visit the residence and I later ended up signing a lease with the apartment residence. Mr. Carver made everything smooth and carefree. I would definitely recommend him to any other people looking for a place! 

I would definitely recommend

Anthony is an outstanding agent. His in-depth knowledge of the DFW area sets him apart. Anthony helped sell my home and buy a new one. If you’re looking to buy, rent, or talk to someone who knows Dallas, please contact Anthony first.

His in-depth knowledge of the DFW area sets him apart

Chastin and his team made every thing easy and stress free. I will continue to refer my friends and family and recommend him 100%. He fought to get me the best deal and I have full trust in him.

Made every thing easy and stress free

at the beginning, I met Mr. Chastin Mile I am first time buyer and not knowledge of Dallas area since moved from east coast, explained him about my background and interests. He knew and find a spot for me right there; same time it’s takes time since Dallas markets are more than just hot market.  even I did give him hard times and he handle it very well. I love my new place by Mr. Chastin know what I wanted

Dallas markets are more than just a hot market

We recently sold a property . We were surprised with the ease of setting up the sale and the willingness of the agent, Chastin J. MIles, to walk us through the process. He was well-informed and extremely qualified as a realtor. We highly recommend him !!

Extremely qualified as a realtor

Chastin was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about real estate. He held our hands the whole time we went through the process of purchasing our first home. And even after the purchase, he was still there to assist us. He was also quite professional. He responded within minutes  almost every time we corresponded via text. And he knows what he’s talking about. When I asked him questions, there were no pauses or “let me check on that.” Usually, he had answers to almost everything I need to know. This is the type of expertise I think any realtor should have when dealing with first time homebuyers

EXTREMELY knowledgeable about real estate

Chastin was a pleasure to work with. He did everything and kept us informed every step of the way. He is a hard worker and did so the whole process. Can’t wait to work with him again in the future.

He did everything and kept us informed

Mr Chastin Miles, was very thorough. He listened to what I wanted in my new home and all properties he showed me, had all the qualities that I was looking for. I moved from across the country and he allowed the transition to be smooth, because he gave me information that was essential like,  utilities and insurance. I have recommended people to Chastin directly and I will continue to do so. He know his stuff and he is easy to work with

I moved from across the country